Hwy. 62 thought EP to be 45 mph

Good things can come to those who wait and Eagle Point businesses have waited a long time to get the 55-mph speed limit changed on Highway 62. When major changes were made on Hwy. 62 a number of years ago, the city and residents tried to get ODOT to keep  the 45-mph speed limit north past Eagle Point. It wasn’t to be.

A citizen addressed the city council over a month ago about the danger of the intersection at Linn Rd. and Hwy. 62 . He also  requested a reduction in the 55-mph speed through that area. The city wrote a letter to ODOT formalizing the request. Almost overnight, the stoplight clarified the left turn off Linn road onto the highway.

At the Jan. 10 city council meeting, Ken Dorrell, ODOT traffic engineer updated the city council on plans to review the speed limit issue. On Jan. 12, ODOT clocked traffic through the area from Nick Young to just north of Crystal. Their formula for reducing speed was met.

“This is very positive for the city,” said City Administrator Dave Hussell. “It will provide greater safety as the city grows and it becomes even more important to have a safe corridor. We appreciate immensely ODOT’s quick action and realization of our needs.”

While the results must be approved by the engineers in Salem, Dorrell said he sees no reason why the speed reduction would not happen. In fact, the reduction to 45 mph could occur within a month, perhaps a bit sooner.

The speed would go from 45 to 55 at Dutton Road as it does now.  Just south of  Nick Young Road it will change to 45 and continue at 45 mph until just north of the stoplight at Crystal.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independen


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