Medford hearing on State Land Board revisions

About 2.3 million acres of land under the State Land Board’s jurisdiction will be managed according to policy set out in a revised Real Estate Asset Management Plan (REAMP). The board’s administrative arm, the Department of State Lands (DSL), recently completed a draft of the plan that guides land management activities, and provides policy for selling, exchanging and acquiring land.

The department is seeking public comment on the draft plan at a series of public meetings held around the state. The second meeting is in Medford on Wednesday, Jan. 18, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the Red Lion, 200 N. Riverside.

Other public meetings are scheduled in Burns (Jan. 11) and Salem (Jan. 24).

State-owned lands include forestlands, agricultural lands, rangelands, waterways, industrial/commercial/residential lands, and mineral and energy resources.

The REAMP takes a different approach from previous plans by being less specific on individual parcels, and focusing more on policy guidance for managing DSL’s real estate portfolio. The REAMP includes specific criteria for evaluating lands for disposal and acquisition along with other procedures to guide land management decisions.

Information about the plan and meeting locations is on the DSL website:

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