Shady Cove Lifetime Achievement Award to Holland

“Superwoman” certainly describes one of Shady Cove’s best known community members, Lois Holland. She has never been one to sit back and wait for others to make a difference as evidenced by her many contributions to the community and especially to the children. The city of Shady Cove will honor her this Thursday evening with its highest award, that of Lifetime Achievement.

“Superwoman” is just one of her many aliases. She’s also been known as councilor, commissioner, Mrs. Claus, mom, grandma and even great grandma. Though she notes most folks just call her “Granny” these days,  and she doesn’t mind a bit.

Years ago Holland decided that Shady Cove’s best asset was its citizens. To that end she decided to become more involved in the city. She started with a 2 year stint on the planning commission, then moved to 16 years as a councilor, then tossed her hat in the budget committee ring for a year as well. She made time to play Mrs. Claus for 40 years, organize a number of parades (from kids on bikes to a full out Easter Parade) and work with Parks and Recreation  and folks doing community service to turn a messy lot into the now lovely Aunt Caroline’s Park.

And there’s the matter of children.  Holland loves children.  She raised eight of her own from whom she’s been blessed with 22 grandchildren and her 38th  great-grand child is on the way. Then there are the 39 foster children she’s taken in over the years. Is there a word that means “more super than super”?

Holland has slowed down a bit these days, ‘only’ picking up city hall mail, being the court clerk, handling court monies, running documents back and forth to Medford and being the Charter Board Chair for the Prospect School. Slow indeed, Holland has a bit too much time on her hands so she’ll be volunteering with the Upper Rogue Community Center’s renewed Youth Program as soon as they are up and running.

If you’re tired from just reading about Holland’s fully packed life of giving, ,take a load off your feet and time out to applaud her as she receives the Lifetime Achievement Award at the city council meeting, which will be held at the Upper Rogue Community Center on Feb. 2. The evening begins at 6:30 p.m. and will also include the Citizens of the Year Award from a list of six candidates.
By Christy Pitto
of the Independent

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