Butte Falls superintendent offers district money-saving plan

At the Feb. 13 meeting of the Butte Falls School District Board of Directors one of the significant items they will consider is a proposal from Superintendent Dr. David Courtney that he presented at the January board meeting. Dr. Courtney is asking the board to make him superintendent on a part-time basis. He said this would save the financially strapped district $25-$30,000 a year. At the same time he is recommending the board of directors increase Dianne Gorman’s duties.

The district is still waiting for final approvals on the fish hatchery property. Courtney said federal approval is held up while it is determined if there are hazardous issues with underground tanks and no one seems to know where the tanks are located. ODFW is recommending the nine acres be turned over to Butte Falls, but again that is not final. Courtney is hoping these issues will be resolved by this fall in order to proceed with expansion of the charter school.

While the governmental agencies process the necessary changes, Butte Falls will be working with teachers to integrate reading and math programs, as an example, into the natural resources curriculum for the charter school program.

Top Secret is a pilot program this year for the Butte Falls School District. The program has been developed by Butte Falls resident Joyce Hailicka over a period of several years and is being tried for the first time in the Butte Falls district. The program not only provides guidance to keep students in school, it paves the way for education after high school.

Courtney noted the new health clinic is up and running and that there will be an open house on Thursday, Feb. 16, from 3-6 p.m.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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