D9 sup’t receives top evaluation

The District 9 Board of Directors concluded their annual evaluation of Superintendent Cynda Rickert’s performance for the past year. As part of their evaluation process, each board member was given an administrator or supervisor to interview.

There were four major categories:
•Effective Leadership
•Quality Teaching and Learning
•Support for systemwide Improvement
•Clear and Collaborative Relationships

Board members were to score one of the four following: Unsatisfactory, basic, proficient or distinquished. Without exception, the board gave Rickert the distinguished mark in each category.

The full evaluation is available online. Highlights include:

Leadership: Focus on student learning and achievement, visits each school, observes student learning. Persistence and consistency are expected of all and support is always available.

Teaching & Learning: Best possible education for all students, common assessments are utilized to measure student learning, instructional coaches are instrumental in implementing and assessing professional development. And, Rickert models high expectations of herself and provides support for all staff.

Support for Systemwide Improvement: OAKS and district tests, observations, response to Intervention (RTI) and Positive Behavior Intervention support (PBIS) are used to guide divisions. D9 worked diligently to maintain staffing and student contact days. The overarching goal is student success.

Clear and collaborative Relationships: Based on this year and years past, this is Rickert’s strongest area. Interviews with staff indicate things have never been as good in the district as they are now. Principals believe this is her greatest strength She is involved in local groups, communicates and the new Hillside project manager said he appreciates her valuable input.

In summary, the board appreciates her high standards and her vision, modeling of excellence.

Sup’t. Responds:

Rickert said she was honored and humbled by the board’s ranking. She went ahead to review the latest leadership and point out student success; this includes:

• Only district in So. Oregon whose District AYP showed growth for all students in reading and math at elementary, middle and high school and in every subgroup.

• Largest improvement of any district in Jackson County with writing, reading, science scores showing gains at every grade level (OAKS 2011).

• EPHS went from Oregon Report Card rating of unsatisfactory to Outstanding this year.

Rickert said leadership is second only to class room instruction as an influence on student learning.

Rickert said her life’s work has been in education of children and “I’m living my dream of working with outstanding educators in the pursuit of success for all students…”
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent


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