Galpins mean great deal to Eagle Point

We have been aware for a period of time some of the financial  issues surrounding
Cris Galpin. Unfortunately, they are not unlike those facing other developers although perhaps not to the same extent. Homeowners who find themselves under water and at edge of foreclosure certainly face issues of debts that yesterday seemed inconceivable. While again when one looks at the dollars they do not compare, but the principle does.

We hope  Galpin  can work with the court to restructure his debts.

Obviously, Galpin has been and is, a significant part of our community and has been the key to our growth, to the development of area businesses such as our Walmart, and so much more.

We believe Galpin and his wife need to know as a community we care and look forward to their continued presence and that wherever possible the financial issues can be dealt with.

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