Quick action by EPHS staff saves student’s life

Sixteen-year-old Daniel Hinkle was doing his normal run in a physical education class at EPHS. He was at the top of the ramp when suddenly he collapsed. Physical education teacher Diana (Kendrick) Swopes was near by and rushed to him, while asking a student to go get help.

It was not a good situation. Daniel was seizing. Joe Meerten was quickly on the scene. Daniel had no pulse. Meerten called for more assistance. The emergency was called in to 911. He and Swopes started CPR. Assistant Principal Bryan Wood and Mike Anselmni, School Resource Officer, arrived with the AED (Automated External Defibillator). Wood performed mouth to mouth recitation while Anselmi hooked up the AED.

The AED verbalizes what those attending a victim are to do. They continued to do the compression just as they were told to do. It didn’t work at first, but they continued. It took five or six minutes before they finally got a heart beat and pulse.

With the 911 call, it is standard procedure that the call also goes to the Eagle Point Police Department and Officer Heide Kasakoff arrived followed by the ambulance.

Daniel was transported to the hospital and then he was flown to Portland. EPHS Principal Allen Barber said he was due home last Wednesday.”We can’t wait to hear his voice,” said staff members.

Barber had high praise for the staff, saying they did an  incredible job and saved a young man’s life.  “They were calm, worked together and did an amazing job.”

The high school has two AEDs; one  in the high school and one in the health center.  A press conference honoring the four staff members  was scheduled Feb. 28 at 12:30 in the old gym.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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