Retired KFalls farmer seeks Distr. 28 senate

Retired wheat farmer, Karl Scronce, whose family has been in Klamath Falls for 100 years, is running for the District 28 Senate seat against incumbent Doug Whitsett. Both are Republicans.

Scronce has spent a total of 12 years on the Klamath, Oregon and National Association of Wheat Growers Board of Directors. He has been on the board of the Klamath Water Users Association since 2008 and a member of the Upper Klamath Water Users Association since 2009.  He is a graduate of Oregon State University.

Scronce says he has farmed both inside and outside the federal water project and feels he can see both sides. In 2001 he had 500 acres in the federal project and made a decision to transition out.

Some Rogue Valley farmers have water from Four Mile with a 1940 priority date. He feels if the water issue in Klamath can be settled, it will probably give Rogue Valley users a better chance to be unaffected by water issues over the hill in K falls.

Scronce said he supported Whitsett when he was initially elected but feels he has served long enough. He feels Whitsett has been a divider as opposed to working on a united front. “I’m not blaming him, but we need to work together more to represent agriculture,” said Scronce.

Scronce’s message evolves around “Job Creation-Education-Representation.”

While he has not studied the governor’s new education plan, he feels K-12 has been slighted. “We need to learn to do more possibly with less money.” He is supportive of mentoring programs utilizing volunteers.

Scronce can be reached at 541-291-2053, or  His mailing address is 1776 Old Fort Road, Klamath Falls, OR 97601
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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