4H banquet & auction raises $12,964

Jackson County 4H clubs  held their third annual banquet and fund-raiser auction Friday, March 9, in the Mace Building at the Jackson County Expo.  The event was well attended, with estimates of participation ranging from 200-250 parents, friends, leaders and sponsors.

Beginning at 6 p. m., guests were treated to a St. Patrick’s Day theme, which included a beverage that looked to be Romulan Ale from a Star Trek episode, but was probably green beer.  Participants partook of the green liquid while cruising the many silent auction items donated by the friends of 4H.  After nearly an hour of socializing, a fillet dinner was served, complete with baked potato and green beans.  This was topped off with a wonderful desert of cake and ice cream  or  cheesecake made by Anne Manlove. 

After the meal, County Commissioner C. W. Smith began auctioning several large items donated for the fundraiser.  Items included  a raccoon-proof chicken coop, an outside storage shed built in the shape of an outhouse, a gas grill, many flowers, and items for pets and animal projects.  C. W. was able to make jokes about– well, just about everything, and caught a few Oregon State fans with their hands in the air when bidding was in progress.  Of course, everyone had fun.

Many community leaders were in attendance, including Sherm and Wanda Olsrud, who are and have been over the years, enthusiastic supporters of youth projects.  4H leader Bob Fisher and wife Tess were at event, as was co-leader of Butte Basin Beef, Duane Haas, sporting his shrimp (pink) colored shirt following a vacation in Tahiti.  At the table with Duane were a group of either very tolerant, or very colorblind people, all having  a good time.

For the evening, event organizer John Cox said they were able to raise $12,964, somewhat shy of what he had told the Independent was their goal.  At the beginning of the oral auction, some items went for the opening bid.  Later, things livened up a bit and bidders got into the swing of things. 

4H clubs have arranged for this event for three years now, and the response from the community has been excellent, according to Cox.  A slow economy probably had something to do with bidders reluctance to challenge each other during the initial stages of the auction.  Anne Manlove said she was well pleased with the event.

4H fund raisers help with scholarships, (camp and college), with awards and they help defray costs at the Hands-on-Ag day at the expo and they also help with costs of 4H members who go to nationals and other competitions. Supporters might consider setting a little aside during this year for next year’s event.
By Ralph McKechnie
For the Independent

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