End the game

This week’s District 9 Board of Directors meeting will find the board having to make some tough decisions. One does not volunteer to be on the board (or at least should not) to be popular. A director’s position should be to look our for the best interest of the children. Unfortunately that also involves looking at finances and being guardians of those dollars.

We are sad to think Elk Trail School will be closing its doors. It is in such a charming location and certainly reminds one of times when things were simpler. But it appears that is a decision that will need to be made for economy of scale. The school has been near closure upon more than once occasion. We do hope the district can find someone or some group interested in the structure and location.

The other major item on the agenda is the potential loss of 11 staff members. We hope our readers review the information from Supt. Rickert in this issue. Many staff members have received a raise (STEP) which some prefer not to consider as a raise, for reasons that are beyond us. More money is more money. Be that as it may, the pettiness on both sides of negotiations needs to stop.  Respect gets harder and harder when outsiders look at the offerings and their children are on free breakfast and lunch and may pull their winter coat and shoes out of the “unclaimed” box. We look forward to negotiations done with a mature, what’s best for all attitude as opposed to “what’s best for me.” End it and get on with education.  NL

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