EPPD promotions, year end report and last 20 yr. in EP before Feb.28 council

About 50 people attended last week’s  Eagle Point City Council meeting including several Cub Scouts. One of the Cub Scout members opened the meeting by leading the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Police Chief Vern Thompson presented certificates to officer Steve Frantz who was promoted to Sergeant Detective and to Dustin LaFord, who was promoted to Corporal.

Presentations were made by Richard Gyuro on behalf of the Eagle Point/UR Chamber of Commerce, by retiring Planner Bunny Lincoln and by Police Chief Vern Thompson.

Gyuro presented a proposal on behalf of the chamber to extend the hours at the Harnish Visitor’s Center by using volunteer help to supplement the current paid personnel.

He said nine or 10 people have already expressed  interest in assisting and suggested hours of 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Apr. 1 through Oct. 31.

The council showed unanimous support for discussion to continue between the city and the chamber. It is expected  a formalized document will  be prepared for approval.

Lincoln prepared a visual of changes in Eagle Point during her 20 years on the staff. Her presentation began by asking for a show of hands of how many of the 50 or so people present had lived in Eagle Point for 20 years. There were four people. The remainder of those present, including five of the seven councilors and  the city administration had never heard of Eagle Point 20 years ago. This offered a clear reason to provide an overview of last 20 years of change in the community.

Fifteen commercial businesses on Hwy. 62, 275% growth in population, and long lists of change and accomplishments in everything from infrastructure to subdivisions to additional commissioners were among the many changes Lincoln presented. The visual may go on the city’s website.

Thompson noted Mike Anselmi’s role in saving the life of the EPHS student about two weeks ago. Anselmi is an EPPD officer assigned to the school as a School Resource Officer.

The chief’s presentation was an annual report, again a well-done visual, giving a breakdown of the 7,991 calls for service last year. This is an increase of 1,476 calls over 2010. The city currently has 11 officers. Thompson said one of the changes they are finding is in daytime DUII stops. They are finding driving under the influence of drugs, either legal prescription drugs or illegal drugs, a major factor.

The chief organized a banquet to honor the officers. He said Sgt. Darin May was named Supervisor of the Year. He also noted that this year there have been hardly any fights at the high school and that the EPHS Principal Allen Barber was enforcing and supporting Ansemli’s efforts as the School Resource Officer.
The mysterious leaks at the 3.6 million gallon water reservoir have been studied and reviewed by numerous qualified people and businesses. The reservoir currently sits empty. There are fine cracks in the floor of the concrete structure. Contact Services was awarded the bid based on time and materials in the amount of $9,125 to make the repairs.  Two other groups bid, but did not come to Eagle Point to view the reservoir. Should more unforeseen damage be found, the issue would come back to council before more work is approved.

Regional Water Conservation Commission appointments were made. Technical support, Robert Miller with the new planner, Mike Upston, as backup and Mayor Bob Russell, with back up from the new city administrator, will be on the policy committee representing Eagle Point.

The FEMA partnership was approved. This motion simply formalizes the city’s and FEMA’s on-going relationship.

Other notes of interest:

Th 45 mph zone on Hwy. 62 could be effective within the next two weeks, so keep an eye out for that change.

There are three openings on the budget committee. Applications are available at city hall.  There are generally only two budget sessions, which means it is not a huge time commitment but it offers an understanding of the city’s finances and gives members an opportunity to have a voice.

Kathy Sell noted  there are 50 registered Boy Scouts and 32 Cub Scouts with support from 50 parents in the Eagle Point program. She said Eagle Point has the biggest troops in the Crater Lake Council.

Bathrooms in Eagle Point parks opened Mar. 1 for the season.

City Administrator Dave Hussell accompanied the city’s building inspector,  Dale Bohannon, on a tour of the new Hillside Elementary. Hussell urged the council to tour the school, saying it was an absolutely fabulous facility.

An executive session was held regarding the city administrator’s position. There will be an announcement once the contract is signed. It was sent to the applicant last Wednesday and is expected to be signed.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent



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