Night and day

What a contrast. What’s the expression- the good, the bad, the ugly? We had it all  last week.

What a pleasure it was to do the upbeat story about Randy and Kathy Sell. I’ve known this couple since before their son, Jeff, was born. For some years I knew Randy through his business, Valley Feed & Seed, now Valley Feed & Pet Supply. Those were the days when I called upon him to advertise in the Independent. Later I was to meet Kathy.

Through the many year of my acquaintance, I had no idea of their Scouting involvement. It wasn’t until Kathy came to work for the Independent that I began to hear a bit about it, but never to boast about their involvement or complain about their meetings, of which there were certainly numerous.

It wasn’t until Kathy became Production Manager and explained she headed Camp McLoughlin for several weeks during the summer and could we work around that busy schedule. We did and so did she.

I don’t know of a busier, more giving couple than Randy and Kathy Sell.

Contrast that to the outbursts at the School District 9 Board of Directors meeting last week. Our reporter was gracious in his coverage. There were a number of important items on the agenda and that is basically where he spent his words.

But there was a lot of disrespect, anger and hatred displayed from the audience. Disagreeing with people in a reasonable, mature method with reasons for such disagreement is part of the American way. What came from audience members was not what most of us would want  to call the American way. There is little that one can accomplish by yelling and screaming  except to look bad with such behavior.

It was certainly a contrast in lifestyle between those who truly do good things for children in our community and some of those who need to learn how to do that.

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