Parks & recreation review survey results

The Eagle Point Parks and Recreation Commission met on Thurs. March 8.

The first order of business was to elect a chair person and vice-chair person. Lynn Scott was re-elected to the chair position as was Mary Phillips to the vice-chair seat.

Also getting approval by the commission was Rosanne Jacoby a junior at EPHS, to be the student representative to the commission. She will seek final approval from the city council on Tues., March 13.

The commission was happy to see the new city planner, Mike Upston, at the meeting.

The results of the Parks and Rec survey were discussed.  Most felt it would have been much better had there been more response from the public, as only 70 were returned.

Other ideas discussed were a water feature for playing in and a hike/bike trail.  The  thoughts were running along the line of doing some of the new parks one piece at a time since money is not always there to build a whole new park. It was also brought up and discussed that whenever the commission considers doing something in an area we need to find a way to contact those living close to the park in question. Community input is very important to this commission.

Another item discussed was adult education classes, a meeting will be set up with SOU to discuss this further. This meeting should be held Tues. March 13 at 6 pm in the Ashpole Center. If this is something that interests you, you should plan on attending.

The Parks and Rec commission is working hard at moving forward with some plans and always welcomes input from the public.
By Kathy Sell
of the Independent

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