Phone Service is Down for Some People in Jackson County

On Monday, March 19, 2012, just after 8:35 AM, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office responded to 4355 Highway 227, in Trail for reports of a home fully engulfed with flames. Shortly after the home started to burn, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office and Emergency Communications of Southern Oregon became aware that the fire interrupted phone service for the area. Currently, it is unknown how many customers that is effecting. The outage will impact the use of all landlines and limit people from making phone calls, including emergency calls to 9-1-1.
Areas impacted by the outage are landlines above 4355 Highway 227 in Trail.


If people have an emergency they should try using a cell phone first. If that doesn’t work, or a cell phone isn’t available, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office has placed a deputy in a marked patrol vehicle at the 3,000 block of Highway 227 for the length of the outage.
Century Link advises it could take about two hours for full phone service to be restored. They are currently working to fix the problem.


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