Prospect story clarification

Prospect Superintendent Don Alexander asked that some clarification be made regarding the Mar. 6 article about Prospect parents filing charges with TSPC and specifically about  the 25 students one of the parents said had left the Prospect School District.

Alexander said to date 26 have left the district. . Reasons include 11 where families move,; three for drug issues, two said moved to be with friends, two for fighting; two went to Connections online school, one disagreed with school policy, one dropped out and one was a juvenile offender.

Alexander said Terry Cryts is not a Prospect School District employee, but is employed by the maintenance firm that contracts with the district.

Alexander also said transcript information was not withheld from Sandy Thompson.

“Communication is something we are doing our best to get out,” Alexander said. He also confirmed  TSPC had requested information which has been sent. “I look forward to the results,” said Alexander.

The superintendent said he also was glad the Independent had sent a reporter to the board meeting.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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