Time to be proud

Coach Bryan Wood doesn’t want to take credit for the Eagles getting to state the first time since 1979 and that’s fine. Some of the rest of us will give him considerable credit.

There is no doubt, it does take two to do the dance, which means it takes a team and a coaching staff. Each year we have a team and each year we have a coaching staff. But not since one of my daughters was a senior at EPHS (1979) have the Eagles gone to state in basketball. That year was a combination of outstanding players and a well-respected coaching staff.

We are especially impressed knowing this is Coach Wood’s first year at Eagle Point High School. We also know he had a strong background prior to coming to EPHS, but there has to be something special to see a brand new face do what he has done with the team in such a short time. This is not to belittle the players. In fact, we believe it shows they know how to work as a team, to respect the coach, to be willing to learn and change if necessary.

Sending our kids to state wrestling and to state basketball all within a couple of weeks can only improve the pride and respect the students and staff are obtaining. We all look forward to next year. Thanks for a job well done.

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