Continuous rain brings high water to the Rogue

Probably no one had any doubt that the Rogue River was going to rise.Anyone that woke during the night last Thursday would have heard the rain beating on the roof.And for those that are wakeful, it was an all-night symphony.

As of 4 p. m. Friday afternoon, the Rogue River at Eagle Point stood at 8.09 ft., not all that far from the 10.0-ft. level considered flood stage.What made things worse, is that snow had previously been falling in the high country, and this storm was accompanied by warmer temperatures.So all that snow that fell earlier in the week, turned some of the area streams muddy and raging.


At Dodge Bridge about 1 p. m. on Friday, the disability fishing platform was underwater.The river was severely swollen and chocked with floating debris.As I stood on the bridge to get a picture, trees were floating by, as were lumber and what appeared to be someone’s landscape material.Just below the bridge is an area where rocks are normally exposed, but none shown on Friday.Area fields were not only soaked, but standing water filled any low-lying area.


The forecast is for more rain. Hopefully, it will cool off enough to prevent all the recent snows from melting.Most were feeling a little more secure about the water year, but warm temperatures may be spoiling that parade.



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