Eagle Point Softball is Hit Hard by Star Pitcher from North Medford

Junior starting pitcher for North Medford, Maryssa Becker, has already been admitted to play softball for the University of Louisville. Becker pitched both complete games, and the Eagles were rarely able to put more than three batters to the plate. “Obviously, we faced a really good pitcher,” Eagles head coach, Tony Baron, said of Becker.

Coach Baron also explained a handful of plays that would have reversed the direction of the games had his athletes maintained the necessary focus to make them. He noted this as the area where the Eagles need to improve the most in order to regain their winning record.

“We’re going to be practicing hard the rest of the week,” Baron said, “working on fixing our tentativeness to go after balls.”

Third baseman, Candace Rodgers, has nothing tentative about her though. Whenever the ball went her direction, Rodgers used everything in her 5’2” frame to make the play. Coach Baron highlighted Rodgers’ efforts as a strong point, both for these games and his team as a whole. “She made some phenomenal plays today,” Baron said. “Her defense is incredible.”

Earlier in the season, the Eagles beat Ashland High School by 17 points. Which is a good sign going into their double-header against Ashland on Saturday, Apr. 14th at the Eagle Point field.

By Michael Stephens

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