Eagles Rally But Not Enough to Beat Grants Pass

The Eagle Point varsity baseball team is more talented than their 4-8 record shows right now. When they played 6A division Grants Pass High School on Saturday Apr. 7th, stunning moments of athleticism came from the Eagles throughout the game.

Second baseman, Cody Pfister launched himself at full extension and rolled in the dirt to catch the first out on the first batter in the second inning. “I can’t recall anything that good this year,” announcer and team spokesman Tim O’Sullivan said of Pfister.

Moments later, Evan Jolliffe made a long and accurate throw from far center field to catcher, Curt Augino, who tagged a sliding runner at home for the third out.

Once in the third inning, and again in the fourth inning, Augino was quick to bounce out of his crouch when needed. First, early in the third, he dove across the plate for a short fly out, and later Augino grabbed a bunt fast enough to throw out a runner at second base. “That’s the second or third time he’s done that this year,” O’Sullivan said.

Then, in the seventh inning, Justin Mickey had the presence of mind and the flexibility to get his foot on the bag while sliding under the third baseman’s glove. But, all these feats were not enough for the Eagles to take the win.

“The spectacular plays are great,” O’Sullivan said. “But sometimes you’d like to see a little more consistency on the routine plays.” Eagle Point committed four errors in this game, which allowed Grants Pass to score at pivotal times. esse Sattler took the mound late in the top of the seventh, and his pitching claimed three outs in a row to get out of the inning. Here, the Eagles gained momentum. Pfister, Mickey and Jolliffe made it home, and the bases were loaded with the tying run up to bat. But, the Eagles took their last out before they could do any more. The game ended at a score of 6 – 10 for Grants Pass.

With fifteen games left in the season, the Eagles still have a lot of time to sharpen their skills. The Eagles play North Medford at home on Tuesday Apr. 10th and will travel to Ashland for two games on Saturday, Apr. 14th.
By Michael Stephens
Of the Independent

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