Eagles Softball Loses Winning Streak

The Eagle Point varsity softball team began their season with a six-game winning streak, including a 17 – 0 shutout over the Ashland Grizzlies and impressive victories over Newport, Central Catholic, North Salem and Marist high schools at the North Medford Spring Break Invitational held on Mar. 26th and 27th. The Lady Eagles went undefeated in this tournament.

But, the team recently took its first two losses of the year, by scores of 0 – 14 to Crater High School on Wednesday, Apr. 4th and 4 – 11 against Henley High School on Thursday, Apr. 5th.

“We’ve been struggling defensively,” head coach Tony Baron said. “I think we settled a little too much.” Baron had only short words to offer after the difficult loss to Henley. But, he did point to the amount of infield errors as the biggest hurdle to success in the last two games. Fumbled grounders and missed throws were definitely a problem in the game against Henley. At one point, a throw was actually intercepted by an Eagle on what should have been an easy out at second base.

None of this was due to a lack of effort from third baseman Candace Rodgers, however. In the early innings against Henley, Rodgers was diving for stops with her usual disregard for her own safety. When listening to those in the Eagle Point bleachers the name Rodgers is nearly synonymous with “good hustle.”

Ultimately, coach Baron described his team as “going through a lull right now.” The Lady Eagles should have their intensity back by the time they play at Grants Pass High School on Saturday, Apr. 7th. The next home game for the Lady Eagles is on Tuesday, Apr. 10th, when they will play North Medford High School.

The Eagles varsity baseball team also lost to Henley on Tuesday, Apr. 5th. After five innings, the game was stopped at 0 – 11. Head coach Mike Newmann was unavailable for comment. Varsity baseball is at home for their next two games in a row. First against Grants Pass on Saturday, Apr. 7th, and then against North Medford on Tuesday, Apr. 10th.
By Michael Stephens

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