Leaking water tank a concern

The Eagle Point City Council met in a special workshop to discuss the leaking of one of the tanks that provide the city with water.

The 3.6 million gallon tank was built in late 1996 and has been leaking ever since.  Now that the city has the new 4 million gallon tank online it is time to find and fix the smaller one.

What this means to the city of Eagle Point is that possibly this summer they may see some changes in when they should irrigate to help maintain enough pressure throughout town. There will be plenty of water, just reduced pressure in some areas.

The tank was recently crack sealed in hopes of reducing the leakage, which it did do, but there is still enough to raise concerns.  The tank is nearly full now and will be slowly emptied as the water is used by the city, once empty more work will be able to be done to fix the problem. Engineers will be brought in to identify where the water is leaking and recommend how to fix it.


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