National Jr. Honor Society holds induction ceremony at EPHS

Eagle Point Middle School hosted the 3rd Annual National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) Induction Ceremony at Eagle Point High School, on Mar. 8 at 6:30 p.m. in the high school cafeteria..  This was a ground breaking year for the group as it represents the first year that they will include qualifying high school freshman.

Michael Herzog was the faculty council spokesperson at the event. Chloe Hanks, the EPHS National Honor Society (NHS) President, gave the keynote speech followed an inspirational speech presented by EPMS NJHS member, Jon Sisul.

Myra Rademacher, EPMS NJHS President and Ryan Lorenz, EPMS NJHS member awarded the incoming 7th grade members with their certificates and torch pins.  Kyna Burk and Hannah Reinhardt, both EPHS NJHS returning members awarded new and returning 8th grade members with their certificates and medallions. Chloe Hanks, EPHS NHS President and Zachary Styer, EPHS NHS Treasurer awarded new and returning 9th grade members with their certificates and Eagle pins.  Students then took the NJHS Pledge to uphold the core values the Honor Society is based on. Following the pledge, parents had an opportunity to take pictures and attend a lovely reception.

Special thanks to the Eagle Point High School staff that helped make this event possible – this includes the front office staff;  Will Fridinger (EPHS NHS Advisor); Terri Steinhorst and her photography class for taking beautiful pictures of our group; Julia Cuppy and her awesome advanced drama tech students for helping us with the lights and sound system; Tyler Downing (EPHS student and NJHS member) for helping design and set-up the audio/visual equipment; Kelly Singleton for gathering our audio visual equipment and making sure it would be set-up; Rebecca Mealey for being our contact at the high school and ensuring that our plans were passed on to all the parties concerned; and the amazing custodial staff who set-up all the chairs and tables, made sure the venue was clean, and who made sure that we had enough chairs for all of our guests as the night went on.

Additional recognition goes out to the EPMS Faculty Council members,  Michael Herzog, Whitney Mitchell, Jim Janousek, Sharon Bateman, Myra Cam, and. Lee Shupe who have put in countless hours reviewing applications, mentoring student members, putting together fund raising events, chaperoning dances and field trips, along with hosting this ceremony.  In gratitude we also thank  Chris Wyatt, Joni Parsons, and the spouses of these wonderful people.  Thank you for the support and willingness to put in all the extra hours necessary for making our Honor Society function at such a high level.

Last, but not least, thank you to all of the parents who have supported their students, the school and community.  Without you as leaders, putting education, service, and leadership first in your homes, we would not have such a program as the Honor Society.  With you as our teammates, we can achieve anythin.! 

2012 NJHS Members

7th grade-Abigail Allred, Gabriella Andersen, Harlee Boykin, Jason Brunelle, Savannah Bumgardner, Kathleen Burke, Dakotah Cantamessa, Gabrielle Casey, Megan Davis, Haley Evans, Stormy Garibay, Katelyn Hamilton, Paige Harrison, Kirsten Hyland, Nicholas Nelson, Emily Nielsen, Brett Norman, Nathan Olson-Smith, Mikayla Pinnell, Robert Shaffer, Noah Sims, and Lea Watson

8th grade-Julia Alden, Kinsey Ayres, Gabriel Baumgarten, Sariah Beal, Samantha Beckham, Kylene Briggs, Annalissa Calvin, Haylee Crowe, Zachary Drach, Kaitlyn Dudgeon, Brandon Fincher, Austin Gardner, Madison Gealon, Ryan Gifford, Tyler Goodale, Emma Hanks, Megan Hanson, Karley Hoefft, Shoshawna Hoeptner, Mikhael Kemmerer, Ryan Lorenz, Amanda Ortiz, Krista Ortiz, Kylee Pearce, Myra Rademacher, Joshua Shopp, Jon sisul, Marinda Stanton, and Laura Walter.

9th grade- Hailey Beebe, Raul Blanco, Kyna Burke, Blaine Cloney, Karly Cox, Pandora Davis, Kyle Hale, Brooke Hanks, Kai Jayubo, Kirsten Kay, Sydney May, Kaylin Murdoch, Kayla Nielsen, Guadalupe (Lupe) Partida, Dominic Patterson, Hannah Reinhardt, Taylor Scott, Jacob Shelton, Morgan Taylor, and Colton Zakowski.

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