Two generations share 50 years of marriage


Lois and Lorin Myers, seated Roy and Reta Carney

Just over five decades ago while a coed at Warner Pacific College in Port Angeles, Washington, Lois Myers formed a solid friendship with Reta Carney. Although both women had met at church, they also became coworkers in a restaurant during Lois’s  school vacations. At the time, these close pals had little inkling of two huge surprises that awaited them.

Lois’s dad, Roy, who’d previously studied at his daughter’s Alma Mater, knew Reta’s aunt through their congregational affiliation . “I was a minister, and a bus driver,” Roy said. “Ministers generally couldn’t  pay all their bills if they had only one job.” Auntie introduced Reta to the handsome, single clergyman. That meeting led to one surprise in store for Lois–her dearest friend, and colleague, Reta, would someday become her stepmom.

Meantime, a future Pastor, training  at Warner Pacific, Lorin W. Myers, captured Roy’s daughter Lois’s heart. Second unexpected occurrence:  both couples chose the identical date for their nuptials.

On June 9, 1962, Roy Carney escorted daughter Lois up the church sanctuary’s aisle to her groom. Then within an hour, Carney and Reta entered the same officiating minister’s  parsonage for their own private wedding ceremony. “We asked  Lois and Lorin for permission first,” he said.

A few years ago, after four and one-half decades of pastoring at various locales, Lorin W. Myers retired  from The Church of God in Roseburg. Daughter, Loris Fenner, a staff member at Jackson County Fire District 3, urged her parents, granddad and step grandmom to relocate to Eagle Point. “I knew once they got here, they’d just love it,” Fenner said. “Now they live a few blocks apart.”

In retirement, Reta enjoys walking, camping,  growing strawberries, cucumbers,  or tomatoes, and caring for dogs. Fenner’s Grandpa, Roy, who recently celebrated his 94th birthday, will join Reta in hosting local and out-of-town relatives on June 9. “On our 50th anniversary, they plan to treat us to a nice dinner in a fancy restaurant around here,”  Reta said.

For recreation, Lois sews, embroiders, sings church solos, works puzzles, reads, and  grows “inedible items” such as flowers. “I also stay active in Rogue Valley Women’s Connection, which I’ve chaired for the past few years,” she said.

Lorin savors walking, and gardening. His service as Chaplain of Fire District 3 defines what he deems his most rewarding volunteer activity. At any hour, he receives  urgent calls to comfort the injured, or bereaved. He also counsels first responders traumatized by witnessing events inherent to their occupations. Chaplain Myers sometimes aids fire victims in contacting  agencies that provide emergency assistance, such as temporary housing.

Regarding the couples’ golden anniversary milestone, Lorin expressed a sentiment common among all four. “Through God’s grace, and presence in our lives, and having Christ as Lord and Savior, we’ve managed to stay married these 50 years.”

Lorin and Lois received a special 50th anniversary gift from daughters, Loris and Chrystal, and son Mark. “They’re sending us on a one-week cruise to Alaska,” Lorin said. Sounds great; we’ve never been there before.”

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