Attempted kidnapping

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office is now investigating two separate incidents where a white or beige van attempted to make contact with a middle school aged girl. The most recent incident happened Wednesday, May 23, at 8:15 a.m.

At that time the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office was notified about a suspicious, older, beige colored van. The driver is a white male in his 40’s, with a bald or shaved head. The victim was walking to White Mountain Middle School, and was near the intersection of Hale Way and Falcon Street, in White City, when the driver of the van pulled up alongside of her and attempted to ask her questions and gain her attention. The girl ignored the driver and eventually ran in the opposite direction. The driver then took off and was last seen traveling north on 24th Avenue toward Avenue G in White City. Numerous deputies and Sheriff’s Office personnel responded to the scene to try to locate the van. Attempts at location were unsuccessful.

The other incident took place on May 1, at 7:40 AM, near Highway 62 and Avenue H, in White City. In that incident a passing driver saw a middle school aged girl walking along Highway 62 when a white or beige minivan pulled alongside of her and attempted to make contact. The passing driver tried to turn around to get a better look, but got caught in traffic. When the passing driver was able to go back to the location, both the girl and the van were gone. In this case, the middle school victim did not contact police. The passing driver was able to get a description of the male driver in the van, he was described as a white male in his 40’s, large build, scruffy salt and pepper hair.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating the similarities of these two incidents to an incident that took place in Phoenix

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