EPHS students walk out to support District 9 teachers

Approximately 200 students walked out of class Thursday, May 3 at Eagle Point High School to show support for District 9 teachers.

The students marched up and down Main St. in Eagle Point holding up signs and shouting. Local law officers were on hand to keep control because many businesses downtown called to complain about the noise and traffic flow.

When asked if the students understood what they were representing most knew part of the issues but not all the facts. Some were concerned about the number of classes in the day saying that if the district went to a 6 class period day they might have a hard time graduating because there would be no room for mistakes. Others feel the teachers should “get whatever they want”, because most of them have been there for a long time.

According to at least one of the teachers at EPHS the students were not encouraged by the teachers to walk out, in fact students were told that walking out could be looked at as breaking school rules and could affect their participation in athletics and other activities.



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