Father’s Day fundraiser to benefit URCC

Salt & Pepper Shakers in the shape of miniature gas pumps were given to customers in the 1940’s and 50’s. Of course there was a motive in this generous gift. The tiny shakers, were stamped on the reverse side, with the name of the service station that had given the gift.

In this example, the shakers were marked “Trio Union Service”, 807 Border Ave. (across the street from Y.S. Steel) Torrance, California.

Gas station owners were trying hard to please their customers. “Gifts”, were common and designed to keep the customers coming back. In this instance, the little shakers would probably be given to the wife, when the husband returned home. The shakers could have been used at the family table, until one day, the wife asks her husband, “could you pick up another set of those gas pump shakers”? “We could use a set in our picnic basket”.

So, the promotion worked. The husband would stop back at the “Union Oil Station”, and ask for another set of those little salt and pepper shakers.

The Vintage Gas Pump Museum tour, being held in Shady Cove on June 16th, 2012 will have approx. 25 different sets of these shakers.

This private collection is like walking back into time. As you enter this 2400 sq.ft. Man Cave, your senses are over whelmed by Neon and Porcelain signs, vintage oil cans, and over 60 different gas pumps. Old barn wood on the walls, and rusty metal on the ceiling transform the building, giving the visitor a sense of being in a 1930’s garage.

No one has ever accused the owner of throwing away a useful item. Reclaimed wood work benches, found at a yard sale in Trail, now hold nuts, bolts, and tools for restoring these gas station collectibles. 1930’s era wire wheels, are attached to a wall, holding a garden water hose. A door from an old gas pump, now holds a mirror, and another has been reused as a frame for old photographs.

This Charity event, is only held “one day a year” and 100% of the $3.00 per person charge, is given to the Upper Rogue Community Center located in Shady Cove.

If you like old cars, motorcycles, or just visiting a unique collection of history, don’t miss your chance to “wow” your family on Saturday June 16th, 2012. Drive to Hwy. 62 at Cedar St. in Shady Cove. Lots of signs and balloons will guide you to this “Gotta See” collection.


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