Garden gets lots of help from the community

This week of May 14 was a busy one for the EP Garden Club, with lots of help from people..

Monday, Bill Hyatt used his truck to get a yard load of soil so we could get planting started. Mark Nelson brought his rototiller over and went over various areas to prepare it.

The FFA high school plant sale had leftover plants that were tended by Christopher Duces and others in his class. They donated them to the Garden Club. Thanks, Christopher!

Wednesday, Eric Powells’ Cub Scout Den, consisting of Tristan Mullen, Ethan Bodenbender, Whyitt Worsham, Travis Flores, Reis Powell, Travis Breshears, Blake Douglas and Cameron Mace, along with their fathers, mothers and siblings, worked for two and an a half hours unloading old soil from the handicapped bin and putting in the new soil. It was amazing watching those hardworking 7 and 8 year olds! They were allowed to pick out some broccoli and tomatoes from the donated plants, and after they prepared their plot, they planted them with help from their leader, Eric. Eric intends for them to take care of their own plot. Since so many plants were donated, the boys were able to pick some to take home, and they guarded them jealously.

Thursday, new members Scott Walter and his son Ryan Walter, also a cub scout, and Laurie Grow, helped to get the plants in and beautified the garden. Dora Moore, who just joined, helped out also.

Ginny Newell, Jean Buck, Alice and Harley Hyatt, Cathy Lopez and Shari Lawson worked alongside everyone and are very appreciative of all the great help! Now we just weed and water and watch things grow so we can feed the community and donate to Access. There are still two plots available. Call Cathy Lopez at Heaven Scent Flowers,(541) 826-2536, or Shari Lawson, at (541)261-7756 to reserve one or to join the garden club. Workshops in Hypertufa pot making are planned for the future.


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