Mercy Flights with another first

Mercy Flights is proud to announce that it is the first flight program in the state of Oregon and one of ten U.S. flight programs to place into service the new, portable ReVel transport ventilator developed by CareFusion. The ReVel provides multiple ventilation options to support a wide range of patients, from critical care pediatrics to adult trauma patients and patients with complex lung disorders.

After years of research and development with input from clinical flight teams across the country, the ReVel ventilator provides the portability and ruggedness needed in the pre-hospital environment and combines it with the sophistication of the most advanced in-hospital critical care ventilators. “Mercy Flights’ decision to invest in the ReVel system was based on CareFusion’s successful reputation within the transport ventilator industry and our commitment to provide superior care to our patients,” said Howard Polden, RN, CFRN, Flight Supervisor for Mercy Flights. “With the ReVel, Mercy Flights is able to provide the most sophisticated transport ventilator, meeting the critical care needs for the people of Southern Oregon and Northern California. This purchase reflects our continued dedication and commitment to our community and the people we serve.”

The ReVel is small, lightweight, and durable, enabling Mercy Flights’ staff to provide multiple modes of ventilatory support, depending on the clinical needs of the patient. Weighing only nine and a half pounds and having an extended battery life, the ReVel moves easily with the patient during transport. The ReVel offers a pressure regulated volume control (PRVC) mode that combines volume and pressure ventilation via computerized technology. This option was previously only available on complex in-hospital ventilators.

“The PRVC mode will enhance our ability to provide unsurpassed ventilator management to our patients. One of the other unique features of the ReVel is its ability to transfer and download patient care data, enabling Mercy Flights to perform quality assurance evaluations on all ventilator transports and continuously improve our quality of care,” Polden said.

Mercy Flights, Inc. was founded as a non-profit organization in 1949 by George Milligan, an air traffic controller in Medford, after a friend of his died of polio in Southern Oregon, unable to survive the long, slow ground transport to Portland. More than 60 years later, Mercy Flights continues to meet the needs of the community by providing critical care fixed wing, rotor wing and ground ambulance services to the people of Southern Oregon and Northern California. As Mercy Flights has expanded over the years, its membership program has grown to include more than 15,000 households, several of whom have been members since Mercy Flights’ inception. To date, Mercy Flights has flown more than 11,000 patients, and continues to provide this vital service to the community.

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