New Eagle Point city recorder

Cindy Hughes is now settled into her new office in Eagle Point city hall

Cindy Hughes is the new City Recorder for the City of Eagle Point. She has been an executive assistant for many, many years, and brings extensive experience working in administration as well as with records and contract management. Before joining the City of Eagle Point, she was an Executive Secretary in the Jackson County Board of Commissioners’ and Administrator’s Office. In addition to serving as Eagle Point’s City Recorder, she is an Executive Assistant to the new City Administrator, Henry Lawrence. As City Recorder, Cindy coordinates and attends City Council meetings, processes contracts, serves as the City’s election official and assists with public records requests. She is a member of the Oregon Municipal Association of Recorders and the International Institute of Municipal Clerks, and is working towards becoming a Certified Municipal Clerk.

Originally from Lexington, Kentucky, she has called Eagle Point and the Upper Rogue area, her home for most of the last 22 years. One of her first memories of Eagle Point was attending the 4th of July parade. It was during this visit that Cindy was captivated by the small town charm and wonderful people she had met. In a matter of months, she and her family moved to the area. Cindy’s two sons, Kevin and Thomas, are both grown now, but spent part of their youth growing up in Eagle Point. With her children grown, Cindy’s favorite leisure activity is spending time with her friends and horses, exploring trails and the magnificent forests of Southern Oregon.

Serving the City of Eagle Point and its citizens is an endeavor she graciously embraced and hopes to continue to serve for a very long time.


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