Questions & Answers About The School Strike

Employees in our district have voted to strike. As a result, all schools are closed on Monday, May 7, and Tuesday, May 8. Here are answers to important questions about the situation. Additional information is available on our website,

Who will teach classes? Teachers who are licensed by the Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission and who have been through rigorous criminal background checks. Just like all other teachers in Oregon’s public schools.

Who will provide support services, such as teacher aides, bus drivers and maintenance workers? Qualified temporary employees will be doing these jobs.

Will students receive credit for work done during the strike? Yes, students will receive credit for all work done in classes during the strike.

Will school buses run? Yes, we will have bus service for all programs that we operate during the strike.

Will meals be served? Schools will have full meal service.

Will seniors be able to graduate? Seniors will be given the opportunity to earn their credits to graduate. Graduation will occur as scheduled on June 8. Senior Spring Board presentations will take place as scheduled on May 11.

Will we have sports or other school activities? We will have varsity athletics. No other athletic or activity programs will be offered.

Will learning continue for students on IEP’s? Students on IEP’s will attend school as all other students will and according to the revised school schedule.

Are students excused from school during a strike? No. Under Oregon law, a teacher strike is not a valid excuse for a student missing school. Students who are withheld from school by choice will receive an unexcused absence.

Can my child participate in school from home? Yes, students may enroll in the Jackson County School District 9 online school.

May I volunteer in my child’s classroom? Current volunteers may continue working in our schools. Prospective volunteers should contact their principal and ask to volunteer.

Will facility use of district buildings by non-district groups be permitted? Facility use by non-district groups will not be permitted on May 7, May 8 and for the duration of a strike.

Will employees be paid or receive benefits during a strike? We will pay employees who work and do not strike. Striking employees will not be paid or receive benefits.

What are the unresolved issues between the district and employees? The major issues are employee pay and benefits, instructional time, insurance for part-time workers, and subcontracting of district jobs. For more information visit:

What is the district’s offer on salary and benefits? We have offered to increase employee pay and benefits by $4.3 million over three years. This includes an offer to pay teachers an average salary of more than $58,000 by the third year, plus approximately $34,000 in insurance and other benefits. Total offer: $92,000. Our offer would pay fulltime support workers an average salary of $28,000 a year, plus approximately $23,000 in benefits. Total offer: $51,000.

What is the district’s offer on instructional time? We have proposed a change that would allow teachers in our secondary schools to provide more instruction to students during their 8-hour workday. With the change, middle and high school teachers would provide a comparable amount of instruction as elementary teachers. This change is needed to meet state requirements for instructional time. In addition, the change would allow teachers to educate more students without the need to increase class sizes or hire more teachers. Our proposal keeps teachers’ preparation time the same as it is currently.

What is the district’s offer on insurance for part-time workers? We have offered to link insurance benefits to the number of hours an employee works. Our current contract pays full insurance benefits to part-time workers. This is not affordable or sustainable. Our proposal would guarantee more than $7,000 a year in insurance benefits to half-time workers, with increasing amounts for those working more hours.

What is the district’s offer on subcontracting work? We have offered a two-year guarantee that we will not hire outside contractors to do jobs that are now done by district employees. In the third year, the contract would return to its current status, which requires bargaining over any proposal to subcontract work.

How can I get more information? Check the district’s website, Click on the “Subscribe” button if you would like to receive regular updates from the district. The district will use an automated calling system, letters and e-mail to provide additional information to parents. Principals will provide updates to parents about their schools.


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