Rogue Jet Boats

Taylor Grimes of Rogue Jet Boat Adventures

Taylor Grimes is betting that there are a lot of residents and visitors that would love a wild ride on the Rogue River while at the same time learning about native Americans in the Rogue Valley.

Grimes did a test run last summer with his Rogue Jet Boat Adventures.  That he considered a successful summer, so he now is in the process of setting up shop permanently in the Cascade Shopping Center in White city.  From that office and display and gift shop area, he will shuttle adventure seekers to a spot on the Rogue River from which he will launch his smaller Jet Boats for twice daily tours.  Those trips will take in the area from Rattlesnake falls to the Gold Rey Dam site.  Last summer, he experimented with larger craft, 21-seats, but has opted for smaller 7-passenger boats for a more intimate grouping.

He hails from the Klamath side of the mountains, and is part Indian himself.  That is where the interest in the area’s history came into play.  As the jet boats are making a 28-mile round trip both upstream, then down, operators will explain the history of the region and point out landmarks and points of interest.  Grimes says these trips are an excellent way to combine the beauty of nature with the history of the region.

Grand opening for the venture is scheduled for June 2, and that promises to be an event in itself.  Grimes has been working with the confederated tribes of the Grand Rhonde, who have promised to bring an original boat to set up in the shopping center parking lot.  There will be a maze for children and other attractions.  The Grand Rhonde will also set up a permanent display within the office area with information on the tribes and the history of the region.

While the jet boats may be the main attraction, raft rentals are available with shuttle service.  Grimes also plans on offering two-day guided raft trips with deluxe rafts from several miles upstream down to the city of Rogue River.  That promises to be a memorable experience for several reasons.  The lower Rogue offers trips, but patrons must sleep on the sand and with the bears he says.  This adventure promises deluxe sleeping at a spot near where they will launch jet boats, with catered meals–all the comforts of home. He added that some very challenging rapids await rafters below the site of the Gold Rey Dam.

At present, snacks are available during the trips, but Grimes has been working out details with area restaurants for the catering to make the trip even more memorable.

Jet boat trips are currently $67 for adults, $55 for children.  Self-guided Raft trips are $20 per person.  For reservations call 855-jet trip.

As an added bonus, each trip comes with a waterproof map of the area and on the reverse side is a number of coupons worth more than the cost of the trip if redeemed for food and a number of other local services.

Rogue Jet Boat Adventures in the Cascade Shopping center facing highway 62, south of the Cascade Pharmacy near the Cascade Shopping center sign and adjacent to Shopping Kart store

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