Tentative Agreement Reached

Bargaining teams from Jackson County School District 9 and the Eagle Point Education Association have reached a tentative agreement on a new contract for the district’s licensed and classified employees.

Schools will be closed Wednesday, May 16. All schools will operate on their normal schedules and with regular teachers on Thursday, May 17 and Friday, May 18. Community use and non school related activities will resume Monday, May 21.

The tentative agreement must be approved by employees and by the School Board. Once approved, the contract would run through June 2014. Key final elements of the agreement include the following:

INSTRUCTIONAL TIME: Teacher preparation time is guaranteed at current levels. At the secondary level, it may be inside or outside student contact time. A memorandum of understanding allows school teams to adjust their instructional schedules, with oversight by the building staff and administration.

INSURANCE: The district will increase its contribution for employee insurance every year of the contract, to $12,216 a year in the third year. Employees working at least 7 hours a day will receive the full insurance contribution. Those working 6 to 6.99 hours will receive 90 percent of the contribution. Those working 5 to 5.99 hours will receive 80 percent, and those working 4-4.99 hours will receive 70 percent.

SUBCONTRACTING: The district agrees not to subcontract transportation services during the term of a memorandum of agreement that is added to the contract. The memorandum provides for a labor-management committee to study transportation subcontracting and submit a report to the School Board. The moratorium on subcontracting would expire on December 31, 2013.

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