Contract still unsigned

The Eagle Point Education Association is pleased to announce the D9 School Board voted to ratify our tentative agreements. That said, they did not vote to ratify the contract. Leaving the status of the new contract ungratified and in limbo, while we resolve our differences. Dave Carrell EPEA President noted “I’m extremely disappointed. Frustrated and disappointed. We’ve lost another opportunity to start rebuilding relationships.”

“I was shocked” said Daniel Burdis, Local UniServ Consultant. “They have had the contract we were voting on for a week and never told us there were any problems, or that they’d be voting on anything different.” Our next step will be to work with the District to find out what the actual differences between the proposals are, and what can be done to resolve the difficulties. After reaching resolution we will determine if a new membership vote is needed to ratify the contract again or if another strike vote is required. If the differences are minor we can ratify it through our Executive Council and a special meeting of the Bargaining Council, and if they are significant then we may need to go back on strike. “D9 seems to want the strike and strife to continue,” Burdis commented.

In addition, Board member Bateman was censored for taking the time during the strike to speak with community members, employees, and students. One EPEA member that attended the Board meeting noted, “I was shocked they would censor a Board member who actually took the time to speak to the community.” The Board did not forward the matter to the Department of Education or the Government Standards and Practices Commission. No actions were taken against the other Board members who spoke to strikers, spoke on campus about the strike, spoke to community members, or had striking employees in their home discussing the issues.



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