District 9 approves budget & bargaining agreement

The Jackson County School District 9 Board of Director’s meeting on Wednesday, June 13, 2012 resulted in the approval of both the collective bargaining agreement and the 2012-2013 District budget.

The meeting began with both overflow attendance and a full agenda, as the interest was high on these and other issues, including special recognitions for outstanding performance. Those recognized included Student Board Representatives Loresa Mayfield and Tyler Downing for their contributions to the D9 board during this school year, White City Elementary students Jairo Becerro and Cambria Thompson and Upper Rogue Center for Educational Opportunity students Micquelle Teeples and Ally Smith for their achievements.

White City English Language Development / ESOL Teacher, Andrea Dabbs was recognized as an outstanding teacher and Human Resources Director Michael Remick on his retirement after 39 years of service in education. Finally, Skills USA Advisor, Matt Born was recognized for his efforts, which have resulted in the success of the students in the program and his selection as state advisor of the year.

Business Manager, Scott Whitman gave an update on the budget that projects an improvement in year end general fund balance of approximately $500,000 and a capital projects fund balance of $1,571,613 following completion of Hillside Elementary. The capital fund balance is slated for roofing needs in the district. A Request for Proposal has been prepared and distributed to 5 roofing consultants for completion and review.

A discussion was held regarding the budget considering the $500,000 improvement in year-end balance. Board Member Mannenbach suggested utilizing this to hire additional teachers. It was explained that projected class sizes will be consisted with present but that if there is an increase in the number of students this money would be utilized for additions as has been done in past years. The budget in the total amount of $48,304,876, including $34,628,876 in the general fund was approved with Mannenbach and Board Member Bateman opposed.

A question was asked regarding the effect on finances as a result of the strike. Whitman presented a report that showed that the estimated wage and payroll cost avoidance was $524,000, while the cost for strike operations was $391,277, which equals a decrease in costs of $132,723.

Eagle Point Education Association Acting President Dave Carrell indicated that he has signed copies of the collective bargaining agreement that has been ratified by the Southern Oregon Bargaining Council and members of the EPEA. The Board approved the agreement unanimously.

A number of proposed policies to comply with state law changes were presented for review and adoption at a subsequent meeting. Resolutions regarding transportation plan revision; social studies materials, achievement compacts, insurance options, and meal prices were passed unanimously.

Board Chair Grissom lead a discussion regarding censuring Bateman for his actions during the strike. Grissom indicated that Bateman was observed during the strike on the picket lines at both Hillside and the high school. He indicated that these actions violated board policy and the oath of office. Bateman agreed that he was in the vicinity of the strikers while they were picketing but that he himself had not participated. After additional discussion the board voted 3-2 in favor of censuring Bateman.

At the workshop held prior to the regular meeting Dan Johnson, half-time Energy Education Specialist, presented an update on the energy conservation program that was initiated in November of 2011. He indicated that during the first six months of the program savings over projected totaled over $40,000 excluding the high school. This was achieved primarily through training, awareness and promoting a culture of energy conservation. The high school has been excluded because of severe problems with the boiler. The boiler will be replaced this summer. Funding is from a special energy fund and not the general fund, although a inter fund loan may be required.


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