OSU extension classes for gardeners

OSU Extension in Jacksonville is offering a variety of classes that may appeal to a number of Rogue Valley Residents. They range from growing ferns to winter gardening for veggies to commercial viticulture.

On July 9, Drew Matthew of the Grange Co-op will explain the botany of ferns and their difference from other plants. Emphasis will be on those found in the Rogue Valley. Matthew will also help gardeners choose an appropriate place for growing ferns and how to prepare the soil.

Growing winter veggies will the subject taught by Janet Rodkey, Master Gardener in a class held July 26 at the experiment station auditorium. Cost of the class is $5 and will teach seed starting, frost protection, varieties of vegetables and herbs that will grow all winter in our region. She will also address ornamentals.

Bees are a subject some find fascinating and they will be covered by John Jacob in a class on August 7. Cost of that class is $5. He will discuss how bees can be beneficial to the garden and how gardeners can help the bees help us. Bee and pollinators basics will be covered in this class along with planting strategies that will benefit them.

Commercial viticulture will be covered by Dr. Gabriel Baling, Viticulture/enology program SOREC-OSU. This class if for anyone who enjoys wine and wants to learn more. Whatever your level is, it will help you get to the next level and increase your sense of wine appreciation. $50 is the class fee and pre-registration and pre-payment is required. Classes are August 22 and August 29.

Pickling is the subject of a July 24 evening class. Cost of the class is $10. Participants will learn two ways to pickle the produce of their garden. .

These and other classes are available from the OSU Extension on Hanley Road in Central Point. Please call OSU at (541) 776-7371 for further information and additional classes.


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