Counterfeit bills being passed in area

PremierWest Bank warns of a number of counterfeit bills being passed up and down the I-5 corridor as well as Hwy 62 businesses.

Counterfeit $20 dollar bills that look quite genuine are out in high numbers and $100 dollar bills that are not quite as good are also out there.

The $100 bills look like washed out $5 bill that have been reprinted with $100.

The Bank suggests that a business always pay attention to the feel of the paper and to look for the red threads in the paper and also hold the bill up to the light to look for the other security alerts built into the bills.

If you receive a bill that may be counterfeit you should call your bank to confirm it before calling police. If the bank does believe it to be counterfeit you should definitely report it to local police.


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