Eagle Point Parks & Recreation meeting

The Eagle Point Parks and Recreation Commission met on July 12. The main item on the agenda was a public comment time on future plans for what is referred to as Lucas Park.

The commission has proposed a walking path on the hill above the park area in answer to the many comments from people in the survey the commission had sent out. Walking/hiking trails were the item that most who responded to the survey would like to see.

However it did not take long for the commission to become aware that those who live near the Lucas Park area are not thrilled with the path being above their homes. Those 23 or so who attended the meeting came with very valid comments and made the commission decide to rethink what might be planned for the area.

The other milestone with the development of the park is parking. The access to the park area is limited to Glenwood Dr., which is an abnormally narrow street to start with and parking is allowed on one side of the street only. Residents fear that much of the on street parking may be taken by park users leaving few spaces for visitors to the homes. The increase in the traffic flow on the street is also a major concern by many.

The next meeting of the Parks and Recreation Commission will be August 9 at 7 pm. The Lucas Park plan discussion will continue at this meeting. Public is always welcome and invited to come.



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