Horse clinic at Rainey’s by Chastain

Larry Chastain, trainer of 8 world Champion Western Riders and award winning breeder of American Paint Horses is putting on a free horse clinic on lead change mechanics on July 19, at Rainey’s arena behind the store. Chastain will show how to make good lead changes, he will tell why some horses change better than others, common mistakes riders make and how to fix them, and he will provide a program rich in tips for novices and experts alike. Chastain lives and trains in Sam’s Valley

Purina Mills and Stash Easton, Oregon California equine expert, will share information on what horses need to thrive and show how proper nutrition is instrumental in your horses’ success. Also learn what’s new and get answers to your unique situation from this dedicated equine expert. Stash Easton is one of the Purina Mills Equine Experts.

Rainey’s is located at the corner of Hwy 234 and Antioch Road and the arena is located behind the store. The clinic is free and no registration is required and plenty of seating is available. As with every clinic Rainey’s sponsors, there is a surprise just for attending.

Rainey’s frequently sponsors events, such as the horse clinic, and they will be listed in the Independent. Please watch the pages for the Wildlife clinic, and it will be announced when final dates are selected.


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