North Jackson drops two to Comets

The North Jackson Eagles had a tough time getting their bats going in the two games against the Central Point Comets on Jun. 27th. In total, the Eagles only put up four hits in both games. Compare this to the Comets’ thirteen hits in the first game, and nine hits in the second game, and it is easy to see why they turned out the way they did. The Eagles lost both by scores of 1 – 8 and 0 – 5.

But, there were a couple moments of good offense from the Eagles. In the sixth inning of the first game, Derrick Walls was batted in from second on a base hit to center field by Branden Wilson. This was the only run of the evening for the Eagles.

Later, in the second game, Lucas Morris found a gap in far left/center field. Morris got on base on the first pitch, of his first at bat, of the first inning. To those in the Eagles bleachers, it was a sight for sore eyes.

Eagles’ head coach, Joe Meerten agreed. “That was the best hit ball of the day for us.”

Coach Meerten continued to say good things about Morris and why he has been a valuable presence on the field. “I told these guys recently, that when you get an opportunity, take advantage of it. And Lucas definitely has done that for us in the last few games,” Meerten said.

The Eagles’ defense was more aggressive, even if it was not always perfect. An example of this happened late in the second game when Justin Mickey laid out for a stop in the dirt and threw out the batter going to first. (Aggressive.) But, on the double play at third, the catch was missed and the runner was allowed to go home. (Not perfect.)

“We’re making the same mistakes over and over,” coach Meerten said.

The best defensive plays for the evening came from the Eagles’ two catchers, Nate Brammer and Curt Augino. In the second inning of the first game, Brammer caught a strike three and was on his toes in time to back pick the runner on first for the last out. Augino also reacted fast enough to catch a runner stealing second, early in the second game.

The Eagles traveled to Ashland on Friday, Jun. 29th, and are away at Central Point again on Monday, July 2nd. Their next home games are on Saturday, July 14th against visiting Ashland.


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