White City incorporation update

Some community members in White City are confused after the Jackson County Commissioners rescinded Board Order No. 140-12 on June 26. That order had originally remanded the question of White City incorporation to voters within the boundaries for the November ballot. However, investigation by the Jackson County planning department found that there were a number of problems with the initial boundary lines as they were drawn.

During that June 19 meeting, additional residents requested that they also be included within the incorporation boundaries. The commissioners felt that it would be an easy fix by just moving the boundary to include those additional applicants. Had that been the only issue, it would have been a simple solution.

During the mapping, the planning department found that there were issues that needed remedied. Some of the lands included within the original map boundaries were found to be open space reserve and some were exclusive farm use. By law, those properties cannot be included. That forced the commissioners to rescind the original order and start anew.

County administrator Danny Jordan told the commissioners that they could instruct staff to correct the original map and also include any additional and contiguous properties that meet criteria. Jordan also told the commissioners that some additional landowners wanted to be included within the boundaries to take advantage of city services. He added that inclusion within the boundary might not mean those residents will automatically gain those services. That decision will rest with the city government when incorporation occurs.

Commissioner C. W. Smith said that the county wished to expedite the matter and they should vote for the new proposal and those not included within the boundary could then petition the city at a later date. They could then be annexed into the city as they wished. With that in mind, the commissioners voted to send the issue back to staff to correct map boundaries and prepare for another hearing on July 11. That meeting will be held beginning at 3 p. m. at the courthouse auditorium.



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