White City incorportation to come before voters


the red line shows the proposed boundary of the incorporated White City.

It’s a go!

White City incorporation is going to be on the November 7 ballot, now that the county commissioners have satisfied all the requirements of the Oregon Revised Statutes concerning the establishment of cities.

The commissioners voted unanimously in favor of the resolution that will place the issue before voters in November. Jackson County planning staff worked tirelessly on making this happen. According to Planner Kelly Madding, drawing up specific boundaries requires redrawing the legal description each time it is discovered that a change must be made. For that reason, the process is lengthy.

It should be noted that the county had to exclude some properties because they did not meet legal requirements. It is also a sad note that some of the staunchest supporters of incorporation had to be excluded at this time from the boundaries of White City. However, once the city is established, they can choose to be in the urban growth boundaries and eventually be included within the incorporated limits of the new city.

The two items to be placed on the ballot are the incorporation and the $1.45/$1000 of assessed valuation as a tax rate for Oregon’s newest city. The boundaries of the city are primarily east of Highway 62 and north of Highway 140. There will be approximately 8550 residents and the city will have to elect a council of five members, planning commission, roads department and other agencies dealing with the infrastructure of the city. The incorporation will not affect service district boundaries, such as Fire District #3.

Jackson County has set aside $1million that may be used for a city hall, although Administrator Danny Jordan says that money would be used at the discretion of the Commissioners.

Jackson County Tax payers have, to date, invested some $84 million in Urban renewal in the White city area. Madding said it is now time for residents of White City to “pick up the ball” because some of the infrastructure will be needing improvement or replacing.


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