Scouts and adults from Eagle Point Boy Scout Troop 48 his the trail for 6 days ready to travel 50 miles from Crater Lake to Lake of the Woods.

In Boy Scouts, there is a prestigious patch that can be awarded for completing a fifty mile backpacking trip. It is called “The 50-Miler Award”. Eight scouts and four adult leaders started preparing for the trip about a year ago-by researching gear and going on practice hikes.

On August 9th we began our journey on the Pacific Crest Trail near Crater Lake Village. Our first destination was Stuart Falls, which was 8 miles away. While we were there, we enjoyed our time by making survival bracelets and passing stories around.

The second day was a bit of a challenge. We had to hike over 14 miles with a large elevation gain at the beginning and end of that day.

When we arrived we found out it was definitely worth the strenuous hike, with the clear water of Cliff Lake and the great view of Devils Peak waiting for us. Later, a few of us joined together to play a game of Yahtsee on a perfect table like rock.

The next day Bryce, Bud, my brother Wes, and I, hiked 5 miles up to the top of Devils Peak, where we made a tall rock stack. Even with the smoke from the fire in Klamath County we had an awesome view. When we got back, we jumped off the ledge of a huge boulder into the lake and did some swimming. At the end of the day… some how we were able to fit six of us inside a 3-man tent and talked about stuff varying from snowboarding to a Buddhist temple.

The fourth day was a nice hike across a ridge behind Devils Peak. Along the way, there were great views of other mountains like, Mt. McLoughlin & Union Peak. We camped at Isherwood Lake, and it was an excellent spot to jump into the warm water and wash our clothes.

We spent the last night at Four Mile Lake. I think we were all a little beat up and blistered, but I think we were doing a little better than the adults…( ; We played some cards and treated ourselves to apple delight desert.

On our last day, when it came to hiking…sore feet and all, it was fairly easy. Up and over Rye Spur, then down to Camp McLoughlin. On the way down to our finishing point, we were practically jogging. Already tasting the Subway sandwiches, chips, soda and Otter Pops that would be waiting for us.

In the end… I would like to say “Thanks” to Randy Sell, and the other leaders who made it happen. Then ask them… “Where are we going next?”

By Colton Duval

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