4H group travels to Showa, Japan

The 4-H Japanese Konnichiwa group traveled to Japan July 03, 2012 flying into Narita airport near Tokyo; and from there they went to Showamura, sister city of Eagle Point. Each member was privileged to stay with 3 Host families. These were families of students who have visited Eagle Point and stayed locally during the annual Homestay program. They also met the students from Showa who will be arriving in the Rogue Valley on August 05, 2012. The 4-H group was able to experience the culture, foods, and share family traditions. They were more than graciously welcomed into each home. Sights included: Showa Public Hall, Showa Junior High School and visiting classrooms, Lake Chuzenji, the Kegan Falls and temple Nikko Toshogu, the rain observatory at Mt. Tanigawa, lunch at Minakami and the city of Takuminosato. Japan’s crater lake of Yugama, shopping at Karuizawa and visiting the classic town of Kamakura. They also shared time and activities with host families. They spent the last 3 days in Tokyo and returned home on July 16, 2012 with many gifts exchanged between them.

We would like to extend much gratitude and say thank you for the very generous donation from White City Cascade Bingo and Concession who made this trip entirely possibly as this revitalized the effort to continue fund raising towards this goal. Our heartfelt thanks to the St. Laurent Family Foundation, to Donna Cox, Dan & Loretta Mapes, Connie Travesi, Medford Soroptimist, Mary & Steve Garrett, Dr. Lance E. West and Medford Kiwanis. Much appreciation for the wonderful surprise from John Cox and others from the 4-H Leaders Association and of course our local 4-H Extension Office and their staff. We were delighted with the tasty sweet treats from The Apple-Peddler, Candy-Tyme, Harry & David and to Northrops Video & Ice who always assisted us in fund raising booths and South Valley Bank & Trust in managing our funds. A special thank-you to Diana Galley for her crocheting talents. We would not have made this trip had it not been for the support from generous and giving people such as you.

This is a memory that each student will carry forever.


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