Brown chosen as Beef Ambassador

Jacquelyn Brown with one of her many project animals. Brown will represent the state at the National Beef Ambassador’s convention in Scaramento the last week of September.

Former Eagle Point resident Jacquelyn Brown has been chosen as Beef Ambassador by the Oregon Cattlewomen’s Association. Brown has represented the state of Oregon in that position since earlier this year. As the Beef Ambassador, she has a rigorous schedule, promoting beef to various clubs and groups throughout the state. Brown is now a resident of Central Point and is entering her senior year at St. Mary’s high school in Medford.

Brown applied for the position and received help from Norma Kuyper, who has been involved in the Cattlewomen for many years. Criteria for the selection were to have an interest in beef, and have experience in agriculture. To be selected, she was interviewed by phone and recorded a radio speech extolling the virtues of beef and had to prepare to defend her position on the nutritional values of beef.

During the year, she has visited many clubs, mostly made up of youngsters, but also has had to make presentations to numerous people who have virtually no idea where their food comes from. She teaches about nutrition and explains that animals are not neglected or abused as some have asserted. The speaking portion has been the easier part for her because of her experiences in FFA. Her knowledge of beef and beef products comes from raising animals of her own for both 4H and FFA.

The really exciting part of being the Beef Ambassador for Oregon comes now, however. She will represent the state at the National Beef Ambassador’s convention in Sacramento the last week of September. If selected as one of the five ambassadors, she will travel the country, representing the cattlewomen again, selling the public on the virtues of eating beef. One of the venues for setting up a booth and explaining will be during the Boston Marathon. There are other venues that draw large crowds where she may speak, but she wasn’t sure where they were to take place.

Traveling around the country is expensive, but the cattlewomen reimburse her for expenses. She will be in a booth at the Oregon State Fair where she will give three different talks. Topics for her talks include subjects such as reading labels, a discourse on beef by-products and of course, the nutritional values of beef.

For her efforts, Jacquelyn Brown will receive a $500 scholarship and the chance of further college help if selected as one of the five representing the entire country.

This exciting year will come to a close next spring, but the memories of being one of the few chosen will last her a lifetime.


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