EP youth takes care of our soldiers

For the fourth time in as many years, Bryce Thornton, of Eagle Point is getting ready to send “care” packages to servicemen and women serving in war torn Afghanistan. He sent his first packages at the age of 13.

Thornton collects a number of articles for shipment to troops overseas. Items consist of non-perishable food items, sporting equipment, and toys, items for personal hygiene and books and magazines. Thornton also has the necessity of collecting large amounts of cash because each 175 boxes he sends, costs on the average about $2500 for shipping.

Food items may range from Raman noodles to granola and the personal favorite of many service personnel, beef Jerky. With a shortage of water in the region, personal hygiene items such as toothpaste, deodorant, disposable razors and wet wipes are a big hit and toys that GIs give to Afghan children serve most very well.

Collection points have been set up in Sams Valley at /Rainey’s and in Eagle Point at Valley Feed and Pet Supply. Thornton also hits up schools to enlist help with the project and he encourages them to write letters to service personnel. Callers may reach him at (541) 944-3626.

Everyone seems genuinely happy to receive their personal care package. One particular group received the packages just one day after losing all their personal gear to a flash flood. Despite how much servicemen and women need the personal items, it is the letters that mean the most.

What does Thornton get beyond the feelings of satisfaction? This year it is to earn his final step in the scouting program, to achieve what few accomplish, the rank of Eagle Scout. But it’s about more than that, even if there is that satisfaction. It’s about helping our service personnel, our soldiers, our countrymen and helping an oppressed people and about believing in something larger than himself.


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