EPID meeting update

Trespasser caught in the act of attempting to shoot a lock off the gate at Cobleigh Road along the main irrigation canal. EPID is offering a reward of $1,000 for the arrest and conviction of these of these people.

Due to the absence of Board Member Stan Deupree, Eagle Point Irrigation District delayed setting a workshop for managing policies with district employees. When set, the date of the public workshop will be announced so the public may attend.Water levels in Big Butte Creek have been holding well, despite scorching weather. However, the district has begun drawing water from Willow Lake. On July 23, they began drawing some 7 cubic feet per second and increased that to 14 cfs on August 3 to maintain adequate flows within the main canal to insure proper water levels to each patron. Big Butte Creek levels fluctuate dramatically, but have been holding fairly steady during these dry months.

Crews have experienced some difficulty with the flail mower that is to be used to clean ditches of blackberries, grass and other debris. Local contractors have not yet completed the installation. According to Manager Dave Ford, the local people believe they have a solution and can fix problems with the detachable head. This equipment is designed to lessen hand-work that is now done by EPID crews.

There is work planned on the Freel Ranch near the Butte Falls Highway intersection with Highway 62, which will involve crossing the canal. Ford reported that the work will be done after the irrigation season to prevent flows of muddy water.

EPID has experienced several acts of vandalism along the canal near Cobleigh Road. The picture shown was taken with one of the surveillance cameras set at certain points along the length of the canal. The two men attempted to break the lock by shooting it. The lock held and the two had to retreat to where they had come into the canal area. The lock was rendered useless with lead plugging the key slot. When the lock was cleared of lead, the key would still slip into the slot, but would not operate the tumblers.

In an effort to stop vandalism, EPID is offering a reward of $1,000 for information leading to the arrest and capture of those involved in the vandalism. In addition to destroying the lock, some of the surveillance cameras have been stolen from certain areas along that canal.

A few of the patrons attended the meeting, one heaping praise on the district for rendering service. One patron said that there was a problem with animals getting into the ditch above his property, making it difficult to get water to all parts of his fields that needed irrigation. EPID crews will inspect the site and make recommendations or improvements as needed. As usual, blackberries and moss continue to create problems within ditches and the flail mower is designed to remove much of that impediment to flow.

The next meeting of the district is scheduled for September 6 beginning at 4 p. m.


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