Long time Butte Falls resident to be principal

My family (Ron Hailicka) moved to Butte Falls in 1970 when I was 5. I grew up here and graduated in 1983. I married Jeff Gorman in 1984. I spent time at OIT, San Jose State and SOU, receiving my teaching degree in 1990. I taught math for 5 years in Days Creek, then moved back to Butte Falls to start a family. Brittney is now 17 and Jordy (son) is 14. Both attend the Butte Falls Charter School. I began working for the school in 1998 as a business teacher. I now teach Math and Business and will be juggling the part-time position of principal. We are definitely a family dedicated to the school, as my husband Jeff is also the maintenance director for the school.

I’m looking forward to the future of the Butte Falls Charter School. We hope to attract more students as we build our Natural Resources program through the Fish Hatchery we are in the process of acquiring. We will be working closely with OSU as we develop our curriculum. We run a bus down to the Wal-Mart daily to pick up students from the valley who want to attend our school. Even though we are small, we have managed to offer quite a variety of electives and extra-curricular activities, including a full-year of sports. Our current students enjoy our small class size (around 15). We are using technology as a tool to bring more classes (required and elective) to the students. The future looks bright for Butte Falls as we continue to grow and offer more resources, including the new Community Health Center.

As you can tell from my letter, I bring to the school a lot of knowledge about the school and community that we wouldn’t get from hiring someone from outside. I think it helps that I already have established relationships that will help me do the job in the best way possible. My main responsibilities will be discipline and curriculum. My past record shows that I am a consistent, but fair disciplinarian. Dr. Courtney and I will be working together to implement PBIS through a Love and Logic philosophy. Dr. Courtney will be working half-time and focusing on the Fish Hatchery project.

By Diane Gorman


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