Protect your right to vote

Signers of petitions have been surprised lately because their signatures have been denied because of a quirky little law. Drafters of those petitions and those collecting signatures have had a shock to find that if a registered voter does not vote in two consecutive federal presidential elections, they are considered to no longer be registered. The county elections department then sends a notice to their address and that card must be returned for the voter to maintain their registration.

This has caused recent petitions to be denied by county elections staff. When persons circulating petitions feel they have enough valid signatures to place something on the ballot, they may find that they are far short of the required registered voters.

It is a sad fact, but there are many voters who refrain from voting in Federal elections because they don’t like either choice for the office of president. The simple solution is to write in a name and the name can be the person’s dog, a cartoon character or their favorite baseball player—they might also be a better choice than either of the candidates offered by the two major parties.

To protect your rights vote in all elections. Remind your neighbors to do the same. It is arguable that a voter is perfectly within their rights not to vote, but until the law is changed, make sure to vote.


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