Sams Valley Community Church relocates to Meadows Rd.

Several months ago, Sams Valley Community Church (SVCC) Pastor Lee Korner felt the special impact of a passage he’d encountered during his routine Bible studies. “The Gospel of John, Chapter 17, addresses the unity of believers,” Korner said. “I started viewing everything, my thoughts and actions, through that filter, and asking, ‘Does this facilitate unity in the Body of Christ?’”

A short time later, Nick Cook, Pastor of Red Rock Cowboy Church, phoned Korner requesting a meeting in SVCC’s building at 12002 Duggan Road. Within its first year, Cook’s congregation had outgrown the space it rented in one structure. Larger venues had become available, but carried proportionately steep usage costs.

Both leaderships met in accord; both felt that unity of Spirit that Korner viewed as the foundation of his decisions. “We invited Red Rock to share our building,” he said.

Around the end of May, 2012, a “For Sale” sign on the property at 10663 Meadows Rd, caught Korner’s attention. It seemed a good size and location for SVCC’s congregation. He asked his daughter, a real estate agent, to look into it. Previous owners, The Reorganized Church of LDS, had purchased a new building near Medford’s Rogue Valley Manor, and planned to vacate the Meadows Rd. premises. They had already received an offer for their former quarters, but had rejected the bid.

By coincidence, Korner learned, Kevin and Trica Hale, two SVCC parishioners, had eyed the same building for a Christian School they planned to establish. “They bought 12002 Duggan Rd. for that instead,” said Korner. “Their elementary school will be called ‘Love Ministries.’ We’re not completely sure of their opening date yet.”

In their continuing spirit of unity, the three entities worked as one to achieve their objectives. SVCC obtained the larger space it sought for its expansion potential. It now meets at 10663 Meadows on Sunday mornings at 10:30. In the Fall it also expects to start a Bible study group.

Payments from Love Ministries help toward whittling down SVCC’s loan for the purchase of the Meadows Rd. structure.

Red Rock Cowboy Church pays a more-affordable rent for use of the Meadows building two days per week. “They hold Saturday barbeques and potlucks, followed by fellowship,” said Korner. “Also hold meetings on Tuesdays.”

“This Friday evening, starting at 7:00 pm, Skylar Harrington will present a concert for SVCC,” Korner continued. “It isn’t a fund-raiser. It’s just fellowship—moving toward that Christian Unity. We hope to bring Christ to bear on more people’s lives.”

By F. C. Blake

Of the Independent.


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