Upper upper Rogue fishing report

Google “Fishing Upper Rogue” go ahead, we’ll wait…What did you find? Page after page of websites featuring “steelhead” and “salmon” and keywords like “Holy Water”. If you poke around some of those sites it appears that the Upper Rogue apparently ends at the aforementioned Holy Water; it doesn’t. While it’s true the Upper Rogue is known for its steelhead and salmon fishing there is a world of angling in the…I guess we’ll need to call it the Upper, Upper Rouge. North of the dam there lies miles of river filled with the less famous rainbow and brown trout. There is a thrill to landing a 20 lb. salmon; but the quest for the wily 15″ rainbow is just as challenging and rewarding! Who wouldn’t want to catch a 21″ brown trout with a bonus 7″ rainbow in its stomach? Seen it done – in that upper, upper Rogue.

Though now past, early summer is the best time for catching the larger rainbow. With weekly planting throughout the summer months there’s rarely a day you won’t catch something if you put your back into it. Late summer and early fall is when the brown trout really start biting! Getting away from the popular camping spots and well worn trails will lead you to lesser fished and stunningly scenic hidden gems of fishin’ holes! So put on your boots, pack a lunch and be sure to bring a variety of gear! What works in the upper, upper Rogue? Try everything! Lures, salmon eggs, Power Bait, flies; heck go old school and catch a carpenter ant or grasshopper! Most folks can tell you “what’s working this week” in the world of salmon and steelhead. Part of the fun of the upper region is the mystery of “what will work today?”


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